Newsletter and Candidate Bios: November 2017

From our November 2017 Newsletter:

Revolving Doors

These days you need a sense of humor to deal with employees bouncing from job to job until they find the right fit. Resumes with a stable employment record are almost a thing of the past. Job hopping has become much more commonplace in todays market.

You can’t force an employee to remain in their job longer than they want to stay employed with you, but there are things that you can do to increase the likelihood that you’ll retain your staff long enough to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with them:

  • Conduct a search for candidates that are serious about a career for the long term, not someone who is just looking for something better.  Time spent at past jobs provides clear insight.
  • Don’t be afraid to fire people who don’t fit in, as they can be a drag on morale, firm culture and productivity.
  • Be sure that compensation and benefits are comparable to industry standards.  Employees who feel they are unfairly compensated are far more likely to underperform or quit.
  • Show employees that they have a future with your firm, and that they are valued for what they can accomplish in the long term as much as the short.
  • Be flexible.  Work/Life balance directly impacts retention.
  • Encourage friendships.  When employees have friends at work, they stay at their jobs longer.

Retaining employees can be a tricky problem for firms to face, but you don’t need to go it alone.  Legal Specialists offers trained staffing advice and placement options for firms that might not have had time to find the right fit for their staff the first time around.

The Blues

Some people get the blues when it rains, and sometimes even on sunshiny days.  Too often these employees bring their personal problems to work. Unfortunately, those individuals drag others down who have a more positive outlook on life.  Certain people including managers can often create such negativity in the workplace that the atmosphere is not conducive to productivity. To be sure, management makes a big mistake to ignore the damage that negativity brings into an organization.

About Our Newsletter - We offer articles relating to human resources issues that we hope are helpful for you to consider when hiring. We also showcase several of our most exceptional candidates for employment. Should any of the following profiles of applicants who have recently visited our San Francisco office match your current needs, please contact us - we would be glad to discuss their background in more detail!

Newsletter and Candidate Bios: Legal Newsletter and Candidates November 2017

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