Newsletter and Candidate Bios: April 2017

From our April 2017 Newsletter:

Fill Jobs, Not Just Interview Time Slots

As most organizations are aware, the process of hiring a new employee can be challenging to say the least. The hours and effort put into finding  replacements are tedious. Managers are usually faced with this task, but most don’t have enough time to devote to recruiting.

Anyone can post openings on job boards, hoping to find impressive resumes among the hundreds received. The problem is, well-written profiles can be from average candidates, and qualified applicants may have CV’s that don’t knock your socks off. Unfortunately, you may not interview those smart, capable individuals because they’ll never be considered strictly on their resumes. 

There is a better way. Using a talented expert in legal recruiting to help with your search can be a wise investment. Not only can a staffing agency do the legwork (so you can stay focused on other priorities), they should be  connected to the legal professionals you want to work with.

A specialized staffing agency has a pool of qualified and screened candidates. They work closely with passive applicants in their niche market, giving you access to a wider range of qualified individuals. Having a partner that is proactive rather than reactive reduces your costly down time.

A search firm should not send 10 or 15 resumes that you then must review. You’re too busy for that.  A competent recruiter should serve as a consultant during the hiring process helping to identify, evaluate and focus on the best three or four candidates. 

When using a recruiting firm, it is important to choose one with in-depth knowledge of the legal industry and a proven track record of successful placements in the area.  As one of the leading executive staffing and search agencies in Northern California, Legal Specialists will work with you to learn about your firm, its culture, and current or anticipated staffing needs. Over a half of a century of legal staffing success means you can count on our experience and skill when you need it the most.

About Our Newsletter - We offer articles relating to human resources issues that we hope are helpful for you to consider when hiring. We also showcase several of our most exceptional candidates for employment. Should any of the following profiles of applicants who have recently visited our San Francisco office match your current needs, please contact us - we would be glad to discuss their background in more detail!

Newsletter and Candidate Bios: Legal Newsletter and Candidates April 2017

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